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Guigz Art

French-British composer based in London, UK.
Music & sound design for all media.

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"A very innovative collaborator when it comes to music". Alex Browning, Director & Writer.

With over 20 years of music making, Guillaume "Guigz" Art, (pronounced Giggs), loves crafting soulful and expressive soundtracks for all media. Picking up the guitar in his teensj he started writing and performing in multiple rock, folk and alternative bands in France and the UK, where he grew as a songwriter, often switching roles between guitarist, vocalist, bassist, engineer, programmer and producer.

After graduating in broadcast and sound design from the University of Westminster, London, he then subsequently cut his teeth in the world of music for media and picture, with the lo-fi 'American Dreams' documentary and the short film"Mr Bubbleman" back in 2011. 
While working in licensing in parallel for a few years, Guigz perfected his overall production skills in rock, industrial and electronica. He progressively graduated to other instruments, extending his palette to funk, synths and neo-classical. Guigz's sound - driven yet polished and broadcast ready -  continues to evolve with the exploration of new landscapes (such as spatial audio/ 3D sound). Recently, he's been working with music houses in the UK, US and Canada (e.g. UNIVERSAL MUSIC ) and composed music for SKY STUDIOS/ BFI.

Guigz will also release new music in 2023 - stay tuned (see details on
socials / news).

In Today's environment we adapt, combine and "cross-over" to different styles when required by the emotion we look for, sometimes within the same piece. Breaking the rules is part of what we do as we strive to place guitars & vocals in minimal, dramatic or simply unusual ways together with more traditional instruments. The goal always remains to find and create a distinct and expressive narrative.

Guigz always starts by understanding what the story needs emotionally and creatively, working as a team to deliver the best result for our audience, on time and on budget. We then decide what the key moments are, the pace, the twists and the turns. From there, ideas are born and sounds are made. A soundtrack is then beautifully crafted, produced and delive


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