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Composed and produced by Guigz Art for the Full Contact OT/JXL competition.

▶︎ Made exclusively from OT's JXL free kit and my own personal percussion samples. Nothing else... (apart from polyrhythms and other fun stuff!)

▶︎ The Story "In a distant future, language has gone, and warring tribes use drums to communicate with each other..." First, we have the "Hollywood highlanders". Their sound is powerful, defined and undeniable. They open the piece and warn the "London Lowlanders", the second tribe that they want to engage them into battle. There will be no quarters. The highlanders have the advantage of a well-made array of 8 drum hits, whereas the lowlanders only hand scrap metal sounds, scavenged across London... ► Pop quiz: Who's won ? Let me know below !

▷ In the meantime, you can download a FREE Kontakt instrument (compatible with 5.8.2) " GZA Bond Bangs", which is heavily featured as part of the Lowlanders' sound:

Head over to the store !


Written, produced and mixed in Dolby Atmos by Guigz Art.

I intend to do a more detailed series about mixing in 3D - so stay tuned!

Listen with headphones as this is 'binaural' and will not render as intended on normal speakers.

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