1950s Upright Weber piano sampled

Updated: Jan 18

Just a week before lockdown, I took the chance to sample this beautiful Weber piano while staying at an Exmoor country house, in Sumerset, West England. I'd say it probably dates back to the 1950s. Slightly out of tune and 'icy cold' in the 4th and 5th octave, it's far from "perfect' compared to what you've expect from a traditional piano. It's also noizy, even a bit broken in place so I will need to wrestle with it a bit... but that's my

kind of thing!

Here's some brief history about Weber pianos

I am really impressed with the depth of the piano and the 'character' it has ... Guess it must be age? Amongst all the sounds I was trying to get out of it, I sampled very short, more percussive sounds. Now, let's see how this will turn out in Kontakt !