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HBO's Westworld/Spitfire scoring competition

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

These types of competitions are simply a good opportunity to test/ try new things. In my case my goals were simple:

1/ Write a short score from scratch, using no other sounds than my own end-to-end, with various orchestral guitar techniques and some very ambient percussions sampled in a pool while on holiday. Got a lot of new instruments out of it!

2/ Do a Westworld 'thing' and pay tribute to other films which the show has consistently done, like Apocalypse Now with Wagner in this case.

When the bomb drops towards the end, it felt like the perfect moment to make a reference to the ending of Kubrick's Dr Stangelove, when we hear Vera Lynn's "We'll meet again"as more A-bombs explode. I thought it'd introduce an interesting, tongue-in-cheek change of dymamics for this chase scene, as the main character (Caleb) is in combat mode.

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