Introducing : GZA Somerset Soft Piano !

Updated: Jan 18

Happy 21' ! This is a FREE DOWNLOAD : Enjoy !

* A 1930/50s Weber piano captured in an old english guest house in Somerset * Recorded with my tried and trusted Zoom H4Npro with the 120-degree wide mic setting inside the main frame, capturing both the intimacy of the piano and enough of that large and beautiful room * As my tagline suggests, I strive for ‘expressive sounds’. (I guess), It does not mean “technically correct” or “exhaustively sampled”, which in the case is a perfect illustration :) * The result: It is noisy, slightly out of tune but more importantly, it has a really authentic & nice character … with just 8 samples * I recommend you start with the "warm presence" preset. There is a little bit of de-mud eq on it and nothing else ! * Compatible with Kontakt 5.8.1 and above, it comes with my own personal presets (heard in the demo).